TV Advertising Could Work For Cash-For-Homes Real Estate Companies

A popular strategy in the real estate industry involves paying cash for "beat up" homes. The process consists of paying a fair price for a property and allowing the property owner to close the sale as quickly as they want. The internet stands as the primary way people search for cash buyers, but traditional television advertising could reach even more potential sellers. Real estate professionals involved with these types of transactions could work with a firm to produce impacting TV spots. Read More 

6 Ways To Market Yourself As A Realtor And Rock 2020

If the key to investing in real estate is location, then the key to rocking it out as a Realtor is marketing. Marketing yourself to potential clients, that is. There are many ways to do that in 2020, especially with the help of real estate agent advertising. 1. Custom Sign Riders: If you don't have custom sign riders, get them now. Sign riders, whether they fit in the groove on top of the post or hang below the main sign, are a must for any real estate agent who takes their job seriously. Read More 

Why SEO Marketing Is a Good Choice During Recessions

The economy typically goes through cycles of growth and recession that seem to occur like clockwork. A variety of different situations can trigger economic growth, all of which can be difficult for many marketing firms to stomach. As a result, it is important to know why it is wise to invest in an SEO marketing firm. Below, you can learn more about how SEO marketing can benefit your business. Recessions May Impact Marketing Firms Read More 

3 Tips For Your Accounting Firm Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a powerful way to share information with customers and qualified leads for your accounting firm. Email newsletters help you keep in touch, share exciting announcements, or even share accounting and bookkeeping tips that you think your clients might benefit from. Email is also a powerful marketing tool, with some stats showing that companies earn $38 for every $1 they spend on email newsletters. To make the most of this powerful tool for your accounting firm, just follow these tips. Read More 

3 Serious Reasons To Implement Addressable Advertising Into Your Company’s Marketing Campaigns

If your company has a new product, one of the more effective forms of marketing is addressable advertising. This is when you show different ads to different households all while they're watching the same program. Such a tactic can net your company the following benefits.  Target a Particular Audience  Where a lot of companies struggle with marketing is with reaching the right audience. Their message may be received by an audience that wouldn't normally use their products. Read More