3 Tips For Your Accounting Firm Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a powerful way to share information with customers and qualified leads for your accounting firm. Email newsletters help you keep in touch, share exciting announcements, or even share accounting and bookkeeping tips that you think your clients might benefit from. Email is also a powerful marketing tool, with some stats showing that companies earn $38 for every $1 they spend on email newsletters. To make the most of this powerful tool for your accounting firm, just follow these tips.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Sometimes when a business first starts sending out newsletters, they forget about their actual audience and what they want and need. While it's great to share firm news (like mergers, promotions, an office move, etc.) with your newsletter list, these announcements should be sprinkled in along with content that simply provides value to the reader.

For example, you could send a newsletter with helpful tax tips that also includes a short announcement about your firm's new accountant. Soon, you will be able to gauge what type of content your audience is interested in based on which newsletters receive the most replies and positive feedback.

Get the Voice Right

Email newsletters tend to be less formal and stuffy than other types of written marketing, which is one reason they're so effective. They should be written in a style that is warm and friendly, as well as easy to understand. While accounting topics can be dry or difficult to novices, your email newsletter can help explain concepts in a way that makes sense to everyone. If you aren't sure how to write in a friendly and conversational voice while still maintaining accuracy, you may want to enlist the help of professional content writers.

Use an Email Newsletter Platform Provider

Using a professional service to create and send your email newsletters has many benefits. A professional service will ensure that your email newsletters are well-written and polished. The formatting will be professional and appealing. In addition, email newsletter platform providers will keep your emails on a consistent sending schedule. Instead of spending your own precious time and resources writing and sending email newsletters, you can rest easy knowing that this task is being taken care of by professionals.

Professional newsletter services also run analytics on your marketing campaigns, helping you to adapt your strategy as needed.

By incorporating these tips into your email newsletter marketing strategy, you will be doing great things for your accounting firm.

For more information, contact an accounting firm email newsletter platform provider.