6 Ways To Market Yourself As A Realtor And Rock 2020

If the key to investing in real estate is location, then the key to rocking it out as a Realtor is marketing. Marketing yourself to potential clients, that is. There are many ways to do that in 2020, especially with the help of real estate agent advertising.

1. Custom Sign Riders: If you don't have custom sign riders, get them now. Sign riders, whether they fit in the groove on top of the post or hang below the main sign, are a must for any real estate agent who takes their job seriously. Invest in your business -- in yourself -- and 2020 will rock. 

2. Agent Lead Service: Start 2020 off with a bang by choosing a great agent lead service. Work the leads you are provided with every day. If you combine a powerful lead service with your own A list and B list buyers and work them on a regular schedule, you will have more clients than you know what to do with. 

3. CRM Software: The easiest way to keep track off all those clients and leads is to dump them into a CRM program. CRM software, customer relations management, is like a personal assistant that reminds you when you last called, when to call next, and what to talk about. 

4. Anniversary Cards: Go old school. Your clients are bombarded with emails all day long. Take the time to send them something 'snail' mail. A card commemorating the anniversary of their home purchase with you catches their attention, especially if you took the care to hand-write the address and a personalized message. If you really want to rock out 2020, send a card to the buyers who bought your listings. Chances are their own agent forgot. 

5. Editorial Calendar: Whether you write a paper newsletter or blog online, creating an editorial calendar is important to keep yourself organized and on point for the year. Choose a list of topics you want to discuss and decide when you are going to write about them. Stick to it throughout 2020 and you will have an awesome stash of relevant and helpful content by  December. 

6. Social Media Calendar: Like writing, your social media should be planned out in advance. It's easy to think you can just hop on your various social media channels, but that can turn into a three-hour rabbit hole rather quickly. Instead, plan what you want to post ahead of time and dedicate 15 minutes a day to posting it. 

The key to rocking out 2020 is leads, customer contact, and a personal touch. It's going to be a great year.