How To Use Wide-Format Signage To Your Advantage In Real Estate

In printing, anything over 18 inches wide is considered wide-format, or large format, printing. For real estate professionals, there are many ways to use wide-format printing to dominate the market. 

Banners: Wide-format banners can be used by real estate agents looking to draw attention to anything they need to sell. While most HOAs (home owner's association) would frown on the use of banners in a mature neighborhood, they would be perfect for the front entrance of a builder's new subdivision or on a wall that faces a freeway to advertise a condominium complex located on the other side of the wall.  

Yard Signs: While a professional Realtor should have custom real estate signs on wood posts, there are many ways to use the corrugated plastic yard signs as well. Simple plastic yard signs with wire stakes are easily placed in the ground as directional markers, leading potential buyers to a difficult-to-find house. They can also be used to identify an open house or broker open.   

Sandwich Boards: When you picture a sandwich board sign, or A-frame sign, you more than likely picture it outside your favorite coffee shop, listing the daily specials for all who pass by. In real estate, however, you can make use of these signs in a different way. You can set one up in the lobby of a high-rise condominium that you have for sale to tell potential buyers about the building's features. A sandwich board would also be great in the driveway of a builder's spec home to tell everyone about the exterior features of a home as they walk up the driveway. 

Flags: Vertical yard flags, often called feather flags or teardrop flags, are another great way for real estate professionals to use wide format printing in their marketing. You can use them to promote an open house, draw attention to a house on a main road that isn't selling, or even to announce moving your business into a new office location. 

Vehicle Wraps: An agent's vehicle is often the subject of debate. A luxury sports car may give off the impression that you are overpaid, while a beat-up, older model car may imply that you are not very good at your job. You can eschew both options and choose a vehicle that is wrapped with a custom wide-format print. In fact, love it or hate it, wrapped vehicles get attention.  

Wide-format printing is a real estate agent's friend. The many available items to print on a larger scale can help market both homes for sale and the agent themself. Look for a shop that offers wide-format signage to learn more.