Throwing A Client Appreciation Bash: Ways To Promote Your Business

When you have large-scale clients that make up a majority of your company's success, you want to make sure you show them often how much you appreciate their loyalty. Throwing a celebratory appreciation party showcasing client contribution and your company's growth as a result is a terrific way to draw in new clientele while giving your current ones the credit they deserve. Here are ways you can promote your business to make it even more successful while benefiting the people who help you succeed.

Do a raffle

Consider doing a raffle as part of the festivities. Offer raffle tickets for free to your customers and big ticket clients to win items or services your company provides. The general public can also participate for a small price per raffle ticket. You can toss in a few larger items that you purchase from other local businesses, such as gas cards, hotel packages, and more. Clients will have the opportunity to win useful items they can appreciate while you draw in business from other attendees. As a bonus, you can create a kinship with other businesses in your area when you promote their products or services via your raffle.

When people win from your raffle, you can post each winner and their prize in your local paper for further company promotion. As an introduction to the winners, you can add a post about the event in general for the public to read. This creates even more awareness of not only your business and what it provides, but shows the general public that you are a company that appreciates the people who make it successful.

Offer party gifts

As part of your appreciation bash, make sure you acknowledge each client and their participation in your company personally while offering them a party gift basket with your company logo on the items. Your clients will likely share their gift with family and friends, which can further promote your business in a positive way. Since your clients have been loyal to your company, they will pass on great feedback, which can lead to new customers coming your way.

When you show your clients how much you care about them, you do more than just express your appreciation, you market yourself in a beneficial way. You want your company to remain positive in the eyes of the community, and celebrating the clients who build your business into what it is is a terrific way to just that. Click here to learn more about client entertainment.