Trying To Expand Your Business By Recruiting And Marketing? What To Get For Your Next Event

If you're looking to recruit people for your business at local job fairs and large marketing events, there are a few great tools to get the attention of potential employees. When college students and other people are looking for a job, they can be persuaded and encouraged by great displays and marketing. Here are a few ways to bring the applicants in, an to help spread the word about your business. 

Truss Displays

Have a large truss display designed to market your business with great pictures, and to lure in the potential employees. The pictures are going to be large and the print quality is going to be great, and you'll have your own platform and area where people can come to get information about your business. This is going to make your business stand out in a crowd of hundreds, and it's going to catch the eye and interest of all people walking by. These can be custom designed with lighting, electronic plug ins and more.

Free Marketing Items

Give out a variety of free marketing and promotional items that are related to your business. People will stop by just to get the free things, and then they'll realize what a great booth it is. This is your chance to promote what a great company you have, and to send people away with something that reminds of them of talking to you. If you are promoting health products give away free tasting samples, if it's a business based on finances then give away pens for accounting, bottled water or bags. Anything free will attract people.

Electronic Application Options

Ask people to sit down and browse through the job openings you have available on a tablet, smart board or laptop. If you have an app or a social media page they can look at for job postings, make sure that it's clearly marketed and stated. They may want to fill out an application right then and there, and you can even conduct interviews if you want. You also want to have a device to electronically scan and save any resumes and cover letters that you get that day.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your stand the hot spot at the next event, and how you can get a ton of new employees to help you expand your brand. If any of these options sound like they'll be a great marketing and growth opportunity, start working to get all of them ready for your next recruitment and marketing event. Visit for more information.