Need to Promote Your Business? Learn How to Plan an Aerial Advertising Promotion

Promoting your business in new and creative ways can help to drum up new customers that you did not have before. If there is a large festival taking place locally in the next few months, consider hiring an aerial advertisement company to run an advertisement for your business. Aerial advertising grabs the attention of potential buyers and helps to get your business name out in the community. The following guide walks you through the ins and outs of using aerial advertising as a way to promote your business.


The first thing you need to consider is the content that will be featured in the ad. The amount of space available will be limited because the streamer flying behind the plane can only be so long before it becomes a danger. Be sure that the content you place in the ad is straight and to the point. Have your business name, the words "sale," "clearance," or "discount" on the sign, and the store phone number. If people know that there is a sale going on at your store, it may increase your chances of getting new business.


You will be able to schedule the times when the ads soar through the sky. You do not want to have an ad fly immediately after the festival begins because there may not be many people there. It is best to wait to start flying the ads until roughly an hour to an hour and a half after the start of the festival. This ensures that as many people as possible see the ad during the day.


You will get to choose from a few possible routes when it comes to the places where the planes fly. The planes are restricted to specific air space, depending on where the festival is located. You want to be sure that the plane flies over an area where as many people as possible can see the ad. The company will know which areas allow and do not allow aerial advertising to take place.

Once people see the ad flying through the air, they may start calling the number to find out where the business is located. Be sure that you have someone readily available to answer the phone calls. The person that you have on staff should be good with directions so that they can give callers a direct route to get to your business from the festival location. For more information, contact a professional like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising.