3 Things To Consider When Ordering Custom Apparel For Your Company

Custom apparel is a great way to make sure that your employees have a uniformed look. Custom corporate apparel is also a great way to market your business and increase awareness of your brand. When you order custom corporate apparel, you want to make sure that you have a clear picture of who the gear is for and what purpose you want it to serve.

#1 Know Who The Apparel Is For

Before you order custom apparel, really think about who the apparel is for. Who the apparel is for will determine what type of durability, comfort, and fit the apparel needs to meet.

For example, if you are ordering corporate apparel for individuals who are running an outdoor children's camp, they are going to want clothing that is flexible, strong, and easy to clean. If you are ordering corporate apparel for a group of office workers who normally wear formal clothing to the office, they are going to be looking for apparel that has a more custom and professional look to it.

Who you are ordering the custom apparel for matters as this information will help you determine the fit, comfort, and durability of the apparel that you choose.

#2 Avoid Unisex Clothing

When ordering custom apparel, avoid ordering unisex clothing. Unisex clothing usually means that you end up with clothing that only fits part of your staff well and doesn't really fit the other portion of your staff. Unisex clothing is often not really unisex, but is made with the male body in mind, and is often large and boxy.

Instead, order different custom apparel for the men and women in your workplace. Men and women's shirts, for example, are cut differently in order to accommodate different body styles. With most apparel companies, you can easily find men and women's versions of the same shirt or item, with slight styling changes that ensure that the shirt fits both body types accurately.

#3 Know What The Apparel Is For

Finally, make sure that you know what the apparel is for as this can dictate the apparel that you choose. For example, if you are getting shirts made for a one-time event, you probably don't need to go with the highest quality material as you are making apparel that is designed to be worn only once. On the other hand, if you are getting custom apparel made to be used in a more uniform-capacity at your workplace, you are going to want to go with high-quality material that can withstand multiple wears and washes.

When ordering custom apparel, it is important to know who the apparel is for, and what the apparel will be used for. Also, be sure to purchase clothing that will be flattering on both your male and female employees. Contact a company like AD-MARK Promotional Products today to learn more about your options.