Advertising Your Business During A Golfing Charity Event

If you own your own business, and you are in charge of planning an upcoming golf event in an attempt to raise money for a charity, you will most likely want to have some forms of advertising available to entice participants to become potential customers in the future. Many golf courses will rent out their space to be used for non-profit events, however, providing those who attend with amenities pertaining to the business side of your event will most likely be your responsibility. Here are some ways you can market your business during a golf outing to try gaining clients as a result.

Use Scorecards To Get The Word Out

One great way to alert others about the services or wares you provide is by using golf scorecards to advertise your business. Consider having several cards printed professionally to hand out to each golfer so they can take a tally of their score as they make their way through the course greens. While waiting their turn to play, or when scoring their shots, they will be able to read the information about your business.

Place your business name on the front of the scorecards as well as in the middle portion if you select a folding card for scoring. This way players will see your business information each time they jot down their score on a hole. If you provide a single sheet for scoring, a large advertisement can be placed on the back portion along with a smaller business name and phone number along the perimeter of the scoring grid on the front. Make sure to use an easy-to-read print rather than script. Long after the game day passes, people may look at their scorecard to reminisce about the fun they had at the event, being reminded of your business in the process.

Set Up A Tent With Promotional Items

Select an area on the perimeter of the golf playing field to set up a tent where players can browse information about your business before and after game time. This will provide an area where they can get out of the sun and converse with others attending the event if desired. Consider giving out promotional items to those who stop by. These will be looked at in detail after the participants leave the course, giving them a keepsake to remember the event as well as a gentle reminder of the products or services you provide.

Place Flyers On Vehicles During Game Time

Enlist help from a local printing service to make several flyers that you can hand out during the event. These can be placed in a stack under your tent area for those who wish to have more information about your business. You can also place flyers on each vehicle in the parking area when golfers are busy playing their games. Provide a coupon on the flyers to each who receive one as a benefit for giving a contribution to the charity at the event.

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